Friday, 10 August 2012

OLD Twilight Freebies! :)

I though I'd post about these old Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 Freebies, as Part 2 coming up this Autumn! 
(In about 99 days!!! - Sorry I am a MASSIVE Twilight fan!)
Sorry if you already have these items - It won't work again!
Originally you could also get a T-Shirt and Edward doll, but these don't work anymore.
If you are from Germany, log in, click HERE, join THIS  club then once joined, scroll down and invite 5 GERMAN FRIENDS. (Only German friends will appear in the scroll down box to choose who to invite)
If your not from Germany, than follow these steps carefully!
Click on this link below - 
Wait until the page has loaded then close it.
Then click on this link below - 
Log into Stardoll and join the Twilight Club.
Scroll down the page until you find this - 
You then need to invite 5 GERMAN FRIENDS. It only works with German friends so if you have none and try to invite people, it will appear as you have no friends to invite. Make some new German friends and when you have enough go back to this page and invite them.
Once you have invited them, close that Proxy site.
Then go to another one of these proxy sites - choose whichever - 
Paste this link into the blank URL box of the Proxy site - 
Then hit go/enter and when the page has loaded log into Stardoll. Once the page has loaded and you are logged in, paste this link into the Proxy's URL box -
Then hit go/enter and wait until you are redirected to another page and it has loaded.
 Leave and close the Proxy before going to Stardoll as usual.
The items will hopefully be in a Twilight bags in your suite! 
P.S I bet there will be a Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Campaign and club when the film comes out in November so more Twilight goodies! Yay!
Credit to HTGF and USD, thanks x

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