Monday, 27 August 2012

Do you know...? Smoking

There's a new campaign/contest/club/live chat for the 'Do you know?' Campaign - Smoking.
This is the contest page :
I'm not sure which countries everything is available in, so your have to bear with me until I can find out.
Any-way... There is a club to join where you can find out about all the dangers of smoking.
Joining the web chat for smoking gives you a free dress that was found in spoilers a couple of weeks ago.
Over the next month more campaigns will be released about awareness of drinking, use of drugs and relationships/safe sex:

Now I am quite surprised at the campaign/contest about safe sex as this is quite an adult topic to cover, but the club is run by the NHS, so maybe this club is only for the UK as they NHS is England's health service. But, they are probably doing this as Stardoll is a good way to tell people about the dangers of having unsafe sex. 

I think this is a good idea as I am at an age, as I am sure many are, where these 4 things are very important and terrible things can happen sometimes if you participate in them.
What do you think? Is it a good idea for Stardoll to tackle and tell people about these situations or do you think its inappropriate for them to do so?
If you haven't already has Sex education at school or at an age maybe younger than 10, then I would not advise you to take part in the web chat about sex, as it may be disturbing for you.
Sorry if I have talked about things you are uncomfortable with, but there are facts of life and Stardoll are warning people about them! 
Well done Stardoll! I have noticed loads of other blogs about Stardoll haven't wrote about this yet... are they embarrassed or something? :/

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