Thursday, 30 August 2012

MSW News & Tips

How to get this years freebies - 

Log into Stardoll...
Click on the link below - 
You will be directed to your suite.
The items will be delivered there but it may take some time so be patient!
Tips on how to gain votes for free :
♥ Create a great advertising pitch - eg - Hey! I voted you 5 stars and MSW! Your suite is amaazing and that doll is beautiful! I hope you win, beacause you deserve it! Please visit me and vote me back... Thank you so much if you do! Good Luck with MSW! xxx ♥
♥ When advertising via chat, make sure you say thank you and sorry for advertising, as many people don't like it.
♥ Never advertise to the same person twice as it gets on their nerves!
♥ If you promise to vote someone back, make sure you actually do. Like wise if you comment in other GB's and say you've voted them, do, as its only polite and nice and you don't want to con them...
♥ Make sure your doll and suite are looking amazing and are the best you can make them!
♥ Don't put 'ote Mehh cus i voted u' It sounds terrible and people won't vote you.
♥ Rely and ask your friends! I'm sure they will help :)

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