Wednesday, 29 August 2012

FREE Blue Do you Know? Dress and Pingpong and Cat

Part of the Do you Know? Campaign on Stardoll for the UK.
If your from the UK, then log in and join THIS club and visit THIS page.
If your from anywhere else than go to one of these proxies...
Then paste this link into the blank box of the proxy - 
Hit enter or click go. Log into Stardoll when the page loads.
When you are logged in, you should have automatically joined the club.
This gets you Pingpong and the Cat.
Now Paste this link into the URL box of the Proxy:
Click go or hit enter on your keyboard. Log into Stardoll when the page loads.
Click on the Pink Send Button on the page - the box can be left empty if you want.
The page should reload it-self and a box should now pop up saying 'Thank you for...'
You can now exit the Proxy and go to Stardoll as normal. 
The items will be in Do you Know? bags.
P.S it may take some time for the dress to arrive, but be patient! I'm sure it will! 

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