Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Free Snow White and The Huntsman Cape - No longer works!

I'm sorry but this campaign has finished. 
Please do not waste your time and attempt to get this freebie.
Free Snow White and the Huntsman Cape

If you live in the USA, Log in and visit this campaign by clicking > HERE <
If you don't live in the USA, then follow these steps...
Go to a US proxy like any of these:
I have tested them all and personally I think you should use proxite.us as it is by far the fastest!
Go to the blank box and Paste this link into it....
Click go or Hit Enter. Do not click on any pop up adds for your safety!
Log into Stardoll once the page has loaded! 
The campaign may remain Blank, don't worry!
Wait until you are logged in then log out of Stardoll and leave the Proxy.
Go to Stardoll as usual and go to your suite.
The cape should be in a Snow White and The Huntsman Bag! 

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