Monday, 7 May 2012

Free Archive African Dress

If your from The UK, go to this contest Here
  • If your from anywhere else, you will need to use a English Proxy, like these... Or Or
  • Paste this into the blank box for web addresses..

  • Hit the enter button or click go, and remember to NOT click on any pop up adds....
  • Log into Stardoll
  • Write anything into the Text and Subject Boxes
  • Click Enter Competition Button (May take a while to load!)
  • Log out of Stardoll (Important for the safety of your account!) Then Leave the Proxy
  • Go onto your normal Stardoll suite and you should find the dress in a Starplaza Bag!
Enjoy! Contest runs until 10th May 2012, so after this date it will no longer work! :)

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