Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Please Help me!

I run this blog single handily, and am very busy with my life so unfortunately I don't always have time to post.
I have tried out 2 people as co- writers to help me out when I don't have the time to post, but they cannot be bothered and have never posted one single thing!
I do tryy but I need your help to show me what you think of this blog.
Over the next few weeks I am making major improvements to this blog.
I have already added a new Chat Box Feature which I will take about in a minute.
So..... Soon I will be aiming to do these things to my blog..... :
♥ Make and revamp a new Facebook Page. Aswell as this I will try and add a 'Like' button to the blog.
♥ Maybe - This is not definite yet - Make a Twitter Page for all you guys to follow! :)
♥ Again Look for a new, reliable blog writer to help me.
♥ Look for someone who can give me a few tips on how to make the blog better with ICT skills and graphics as I am only 13 and haven't done a degree in it! If you could tell me anything, then please tell me in the chat box! Thanks. Write your Stardoll name and I will go vote all your stuff!
♥ Tell more people about this blog and try and get them to Follow/ Join this site if you have a Google account.
♥ Get  more people to use the Chat Box feature for feedback and tips just to the right of this post ... ---------> 
All you need to do is put your email address (which wont be used or anything its just to verify you) and put a Name in which you would like to appear as and the comment!
Please try and make an effort to comment in it. Thanks.
♥ And finally could all you readers comment on my posts!? You don't need to be a member or have a Google account as you can post anomalously without having to put any details in! Simple!
Thank youu again to all readers!
P.S I know this blog isn't as great as ones like " UDS " as it's only me writing it whereas they have a massive team, but I appreciate your support in realising that mine won't be as good :'( Over the last few months I have really built up a good amount of page veiws a day, so thank you to everyone who has recommended this blog to others and keeps visiting it. even when theres nothing new.

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