Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm Back!

Hey! So I'm back again!
Its nearing the Summer Holiday's in England, so I shall be going away to Cornwall for a week on Friday. 
I might not be able to post again... I am so sorry!
After just coming back from a week away with school, I have noticed lots of new things  have been released.
I am going to make a list underneath of all releases and important news now (Oldest first) :

♥ Windows on The World (France) - A new small floor has been added to the Shop in Starplaza.
♥ Highest Achievers Leader board - New feature which tells everyone who has gained the most achievements in the past week. To view the top ten achievers click > HERE <
♥ LE Store released in Starplaza - New LE was release earlier in the week!
♥ Hotbuy Sunglasses - Costing 12 Stardollars, available from Spectacular.
♥ Certain Level Numbers put on Luxury Suites - You need to be at Level 10 to have the Beach Villa, Level 7 for the Penthouse and Level 12 for the Alpine Chalet.
♥ New Bonjour Bizou - Quite a lot of the clothes are in  Stardollars, unusual for Bonjour Bizou?
♥ A small new section of clothes for boys called Mr. Garcon has been released. (French for boy or male)
♥ Hotbuys 70's Dress - Released in Bonjour Bizou for 19 Stardollars.
♥ Millionaire Mansion released - You need to be on Level 14 to be able to buy it. Available in Suite Shop for 249 Stardollars and is part of the Luxury Suite Collection.
♥ Even MORE Bonjour Bizou clothes were released, with you receiving an message about it in your inbox.
♥ Mystery 3D Medoll's .....Callie.Stardoll posted about a competition which is being held from the 24th to 27th July. The very best Medoll's will be turned into 3D models which will be available for us to buy from the Starplaza in the future.
♥ Hotbuys Square Necklace Released - Available for 13 Stardollars in Glam' rus.

Thanks for waiting for me to come back!
Thanks for reading and remember to check out the new chat feature just to the side and this post! (Hopefully!) 

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