Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hey guys, its MasieeBabexxx and just wanted to post a few suites that in my opinion are jaw droppingly good.
1.) Rojin34
2.) xClaudiix
4.) Starkat97
These are worrh checking out! Me, being a Proud Non SS have tried my best to make my doll and suite look proffessional and I wanted to give a tutorial on how to get a Covergirl worthy suite.
1.) Buy a carpet/base for your floor. You can even use the wooden frame, and overlap it as I had done previously (though this is expensive.)
2.) For walls, use DIY Stickynotes, as they are large and look gorge.
3.) Fill the room with furniture, trying to keep the theme.
Check out my suite for inspiration!
Happy Stardolling! Maisie xxx

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